Friday, February 18, 2011

Zhudan Break MURI record for Resilience Using Blackberry

How many hours you've used the Blackberry in a day. Zhudan Medi, a resident Cibinong, using a Blackberry for nine hours 25 minutes and 32 seconds without a break.

Zhudan managed to break the record for longest category using the Blackberry as well as a competition winner 'Addicted to Blackberry 3 in 1' which was held Axiata XL. Zhudan get a prize of Rp 25 million and Blackberry Unlimited XL package for a year.

Competition organized resistance using a Blackberry XL managed to enter the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI). Submission of charter MURI done Joseph Ngadri and received the Senior Manager of Blackberry XL Oni P Marbun.

Endurance competition using the Blackberry is part of the XL program Unlimited three in one (3in1). In this program offers a package of unlimited XL Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) full services are bundled with a free phone to fellow customers and SMS to all operators. For this service, customers cited USD 125 thousand for 30 days or a month. For services reluger BIS Unlimited applicable tariff Rp 99 thousand.

The program titled XL Unlimited three in one (3in1) is claimed to be the first in Asia. This program is a new''first implemented in Asia. XL is the first operator to provide this service,''said Senior Manager Blackberry, Oni Marbun.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Temasek Pay Fines Rp15 billion to Indonesia

Singapore-based investment company, Temasek Holdings has paid a fine of Rp 15 billion, equivalent to 2.2 million Singapore dollars for violating the Act anti-competitive in the Indonesian telecommunications sector.

In a statement, quoted by the Straits Times on Saturday (12/02/2011), the establishment of Temasek penalty payment is imposed by the Business Competition Supervisory Commission (Commission).

Known, the Commission decided in November 2007 that Temasek guilty of anti-competitive through the company's interests in the two largest domestic mobile phone operator in Indonesia.

"Temasek has informed the Commission and the Central Jakarta District Court that the State Property agency has admitted receiving payments from the Commission fined Temasek," said Senior Managing Director for Strategic Relations, Temasek Holdings, Goh Yong Siang.

He added that as a long-term investors with a policy made by the appropriate laws and regulations in all relevant jurisdictions, Temasek made payments in accordance with Indonesia's Supreme Court decision recently.

"Although Temasek had not been involved in operational decision-making or the price of PT Telkomsel or PT Indosat, and did not violate anti-monopoly law in Indonesia," he concluded.