Friday, February 18, 2011

Zhudan Break MURI record for Resilience Using Blackberry

How many hours you've used the Blackberry in a day. Zhudan Medi, a resident Cibinong, using a Blackberry for nine hours 25 minutes and 32 seconds without a break.

Zhudan managed to break the record for longest category using the Blackberry as well as a competition winner 'Addicted to Blackberry 3 in 1' which was held Axiata XL. Zhudan get a prize of Rp 25 million and Blackberry Unlimited XL package for a year.

Competition organized resistance using a Blackberry XL managed to enter the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI). Submission of charter MURI done Joseph Ngadri and received the Senior Manager of Blackberry XL Oni P Marbun.

Endurance competition using the Blackberry is part of the XL program Unlimited three in one (3in1). In this program offers a package of unlimited XL Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) full services are bundled with a free phone to fellow customers and SMS to all operators. For this service, customers cited USD 125 thousand for 30 days or a month. For services reluger BIS Unlimited applicable tariff Rp 99 thousand.

The program titled XL Unlimited three in one (3in1) is claimed to be the first in Asia. This program is a new''first implemented in Asia. XL is the first operator to provide this service,''said Senior Manager Blackberry, Oni Marbun.


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