Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chinese Products craze in Indonesia, already have 653 SNI

JAKARTA - Indonesia is expected to face the standards war between China and the production of domestic products, because the country has bought 653 product standardization Indonesia (SNI) since November 2010.
Head of the National Standardization Agency (BSN) Bambang Setiadi in Kuta, Bali, on Tuesday said the majority of Chinese production has been pocketed SNI include electrical and electronic products, mechanical and machinery.
"Chinese products that were previously widely circulated illegally, now would be legal, because it already meets the standards set. They expressed readiness to make the products according to ISO standards," he said at the meeting between the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that.
He said the role of standards in the global marketplace becomes increasingly widespread, in addition to a requirement to strengthen competitiveness, the standard has also been used for trade facilitation, protection of environmental functions, economic benefits and social welfare.
He explains, BSN has had at least 6800 standard product. But from these numbers, uptake among employers in the country remains very low. Currently, 30 percent list the new SNI pocketed entrepreneurs.
"From the 6800 standards, only about 1,300 to 1800 are used. This proves consciousness entrepreneurs in Indonesia have SNI label on their products is still low," he said. He added products in domestic production is threatened less competitive with products made in China.


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