Thursday, March 10, 2011

What is the difference Organic and RegulerSalted Eggs?

Organic eggs produced traditional duck breeders Indramayu regency, West Java, the more interest the consumer. These commodities are now sent down to Jakarta and other nearby towns. "Although more expensive than regular eggs, but the demand continues to increase," said one major businessman organic eggs from the Village Eretan Indramayu district, H Badori Tuesday.
What the heck, different organic eggs and regular eggs? "In addition to more savory taste, organic eggs produced from wild ducks rather than the cage is also more durable," he said.
According to him, duck eggs are kept stable in general use processed feed mill, where the food is mixed with chemicals so that the eggs were not good if the egg if it becomes salty. The condition, in contrast to the duck "Angon" (wild), a natural diet of rice fields and rivers.
"Wild duck eggs are capable of producing salted eggs are good with savory taste and long lasting, while the cage duck eggs taste less salty egg odor, Selian was not durable," he said.
He explained, though the price of duck eggs "Angon" quite expensive when compared to the duck pen, but the demand from consumers remained organic eggs produced by wild ducks are still high. Currently, one item of organic duck egg prices less than USD 1,300 per item, while the duck eggs enclosure less than USD 1,100 per item.
"The price of organic eggs supplied to Jakarta USD 1700 per item, the current market demand is often short supply because of production of eggs in our village is not maximized," he said. Meanwhile, the village head
Soge Salim  was admitted, traditional duck farmer in his village are able to increase welfare by efforts to supply organic eggs to Jakarta.


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